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Soil Sampling and why should I do it?

Foundational for any plant to grow is water and air, this takes place in soil. The plant borrows from the soil ammoniates and nitrates to actively and primarily to grow. Soil acidity pH takes a crucial role in this exchange. Soil typing is also crucial as this determines how long primary and secondary nutrients stay in the root zone of the plants. Our approach to fertilization should not be to ask my neighbor, the S#0tts guy at Lowes, or any other retail garden center. It should be responsibly based on a recent soil sample, with a responsible 3rd party laboratory doing the test. And lime and fertilize according to the test. Any farmer that has a cash crop will sample at least biennially and most annually. They pay for this diagnostic tool and nematode assays as well. Then they pay someone to long hand them a plan for fertilization and lime application. This resource is invaluable. “If you think the cost of an educated professional is high, try ignorance!” This practice is wasteful and even primary units such as Phosphorus and Potassium are not needed as much as extended release Nitrogen. I don’t use them with a soil sample recommendation. I have seen toxic levels of Phosphoric acid in my home county. The cell walls of Bermuda grass are stiff as a dry twig and no bedding plant will grow. Potassium will form an alkali, if soil pH goes above 7.3 or higher, making opportunistic problems for annual sedges and weeds. With materials costing what they do today and environmental concerns with rain water runoff ending up in our...

How You Can Benefit from Hiring Lawn Experts

When you own a beautiful house with a yard, you have the duty to maintain all interior and exterior parts of your property. That includes taking proper care of your lawn. However, that’s not something everyone wants to do or has time to do it. And if you are one of those people, but you still want to be the envy of the neighborhood and have a gorgeous lawn, you should think about hiring a company offering lawn care services.

Wondering How You Can Choose a Trustworthy Lawn Care Contractor?

We can go on and on about the benefits you can get from having a nicely maintained lawn, but you are most likely familiar with all of them. And if that’s so, you probably also know how much time and energy lawn care can consume. Thus, if you want to spend your free time in another way, you should think about booking a lawn service provider.

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